MIP-27 l Onboard Murphy Labs as a Parallel Service Provider


The proposal aims to onboard Murphy Labs as a Parallel Service Provider. The allocated budget will support our ongoing initiatives to significantly boost the adoption of the Parallel Protocol and bring it back at the forefront of DeFi innovation for the upcoming years.


Murphy Labs is a company founded by Jean Brasse, ManuRedPills and Boutchy in 2022. It currently has 11 collaborators and contributes to various DeFi protocols, most notably the Strateg Protocol.

Murphy Labs has created a team dedicated to the Parallel Protocol in order to contribute to its development. To continue efforts and effectively serve the Parallel DAO, we are seeking a 6-month budget allocation. This budget will support ongoing initiatives and enable us to expand the team and resources for maximum impact.

Note: Murphy Labs is NOT affiliated with Mimo Labs in any way.


Current & Future Work: (non-exhaustive)

  1. Products Development (A public roadmap would be published if the proposal is approved by the DAO)

    • Redefine the Parallel brand in a modern, financial branding
    • Develop a secure bridging module for paUSD, PAR & MIMO
    • Develop & improve a entirely reworked dApp
    • Develop a brand new tokenomics
    • Start the development of Parallel V3
  2. Ecosystem Development

    • Support the onboarding of new strategic assets as collateral
    • Explore synergies with other DeFi platforms (e.g Strateg, Gyroscope, Balancer, Arrakis)
    • Promote the use of paUSD & PAR across the DeFi space & beyond
    • Support the expansion of the Parallel protocol on new chains
  3. Governance

    • Active participation in Parallel governance discussions & votes
    • Engaging with DAO members on forum discussions
    • Collaborating with other contributors & stakeholders
  4. Team Expansion & Operations

    • Grow the Murphy Labs’ dedicated team to support the protocol better
    • Cover operational expenses, including tools, subscriptions, and infrastructure

Commitment to Transparency:

One of DeFi’s core values is open source and public construction. We are committed to building in public and having a policy of transparency towards Parallel Protocol. In addition, all work conducted by Murphy Labs on behalf of Parallel will be entirely open-source and licensed by the protocol, which will decide on the type of license to be granted for each product developed.

Requested Budget:

We request an amount of 180,000 USD & 300,000 MIMO for a 6-month period. Payment will be made in 6 installments, with one payment at the end of each month, i.e. 30,000 USD & 50,000 MIMO per month.

Note: Murphy Labs agrees not to sell any MIMO received for a period of 12 months after receipt.


  • Human Resources: Multisig signers will need to sign transactions to execute the proposal
  • Treasury Resources: 180,000 USD & 300,000 MIMO, at a rate of 30,000 USD worth paUSD and/or PAR & 50,000 MIMO per month.

Technical implementation:

On Polygon PoS, the Parallel DAO multisig will send 30,000 USD worth paUSD and/or PAR & 50,000 MIMO at the end of each month for a 6 months period, the 6-month period beginning May 1st.

Voting Options:

  • Accept the Onboarding
  • Against/Rework the proposal
  • Abstain

Author(s): Murphy Labs

Sentiment poll:

  • Accept the Onboarding
  • Against/Rework the proposal
  • Abstain
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Who will pay this amount, the company account? The protocol doesn’t have these savings?

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the service providing would be paid by the DAO. Furthermore, the Parallel Protocol is currently generating around 1,650,000$ in net revenues per year.

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Interesting proposal. Can I ask some questions about it?

  1. $180.000 is a big amount. How can we make sure it is well spend money? Can we define some milestones , maybe per month?
  2. In proposal is spoken about 500.000 mimo. But proposal also said 6 x 50.000 mimo. That is a total of 300.000 mimo after 6 months. Which one is it?
  3. Can we make an agreement about murphylabs not selling mimo in the first 12 months after receiving the mimo?
  4. Does this proposal means that mimolabs will put less effort in the parallel protocol?
  5. Why is mimolabs not doing the things named in this proposal?
  6. How can we vote for something with retroactivity?

Thnks for the answers!


Good questions Arjpet
Not dumping MIMO tokens is a must imho.
Also, the “where is the MIMO corporation” interests me, or have the employees dumped their tokens and are they not interested?
How can the protocol generate 1,650,000$ per year, on what products is this? I cannot believe it. Is the buyback function still active?


Please change this part - even the dumbest will get the connection

Examining Murphy Labs’ past work with projects like Strateg Protocol can provide reassurance about the quality of our work. While defining monthly milestones is challenging due to the nature of the tasks, several products will take several months to develop, and Murphy Labs has to pay employees at the end of each month. Additionally, it’s worth noting that payments are made monthly, providing a mechanism for ongoing evaluation and accountability.

Apologies for the confusion, it’s a typo. The correct allocation is 6 x 50,000 MIMO, totalling 300,000 MIMO over the 6-month period as stated in the proposal.

We’re committed to aligning with the long-term success of the Parallel Protocol. We have no plans to sell MIMO tokens and we agree to not sell sell any token 12 first months after receiving them. This demonstrates our dedication and commitment to supporting the protocol’s growth and development.

We can’t speak on behalf of Mimo Labs, which continues to develop in different ways BUT this proposal is aimed at enhancing our joint efforts, in supporting the Parallel Protocol. Collaborating and combining our strengths across various fronts will only further improve our collective impact.

Could you elaborate on this question?

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There are currently 5,175,000 PAR & 111,793 paUSD minted on Ethereum & Polygon PoS. The borrow rates for theses tokens is currently set to 33.00% per year for PAR & 25.20% per year for paUSD. The protocol therefore generates 1,707,756 PAR & 28,171 paUSD in revenues per year, or around 1,860,000 USD per year.
Note: It doesn’t count revenues generated by initiation fees.

Everything is verifiable onchain. You can simply check the fees generated recently, which are redirected towards the Parallel DAO multisig. And to confirm, the buyback function is indeed inactive as per MIP-17

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Looking forward to see the implementation on Gyroscope going live.

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Murphy Labs does not own any shares of Mimo Labs, nor does Mimo Labs own any shares of Murphy Labs. Currently, Murphy Labs has a team of 11 individuals, with 4 solely dedicated to the Parallel Protocol. However, it’s important to note that Jean Brasse and Starny are not included in the 4 individuals specifically working on the Parallel Protocol as they also work part-time at Mimo Labs.

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I’m very enthusiastic about the idea of onboarding a service provider to upgrade the protocol.
The increase of interest rates, & generate profits for Parallel (yes today it’s around 1.6M$!) could cover the costs of new missions to update Parallel.
I think it’s a very good thing for the protocol to evolve towards a DeFI that has been modernized since the protocol was last implemented.

180k for 6 months of work (+ the $MIMO) seems to me a fair price for a service provider who does the work that was developed in the proposal / evolves Parallel
It’s not a lot of money, it’s the right amount of money.


Dont take me wrong - it is really needed to develop that protocol further (and if i read between the lines right this could be a sign that Mimo Labs abandon Parallel Protocol) and i think if 4 people focus on that it is a really win for the protocol … but …

  • There are no milestones defined - you gain the money and dont even need to work for it

  • The name of the 4 people that would work for the protocol should be known - and also some experience they have in this area? - Maybe post track records or github profiles?

  • Maybe show some (sucessful) examples of your work in the past (of Murphy Labs)?

  • Edit: Resolved - Is Murphy Labs a “real” company? (Okay checked linked in and found Murphy Labs | LinkedIn)

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The compensation would be paid per month, if the team do nothing the DAO can vote to cancel the service providing. It’s preferable to a one-time payment because it signifies an ongoing commitment and ensures sustained effort and results. Additionally, we’ve clearly outlined our intentions in the proposal, and a more detailed roadmap will be provided later once the proposal is approved.

Some team members prefer to maintain privacy and not disclose their names publicly, we respect their choice. However, we can disclose that Fabien C (linkedin - Twitter) will be the lead developer of the dedicated team working on Parallel.

Certainly! Here’s an example of our work at Murphy Labs: we’ve developed a protocol called Strateg, which is currently in its beta phase. You can learn more about Strateg and its features in this article: Unleashing Strateg. This showcases our expertise in development and our commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

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Thx for the detailed answer.

Are there any other MultiSign-Members in the DAO from Murphy Labs beside Starny and Jean Brasse?

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Apart from Starny and Jean Brasse, no other member of the Murphy Labs team is in the DAO multisig

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Alright - looking forward to your work. Thx for your answers.


Ok let‘s do this. I like it


thnks for all the answers! i am good to go :smiley:

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the 6-month period begins at 1st of may. That means that you are already doing work for the protocol? What if proposal is not accepted? why not start 1st of june? After a positive voted proposal?

Finding and recruiting the right people takes many months. We didn’t feel comfortable proposing service providing to Parallel without the assurance of having a skilled team ready to work on Parallel.

Furthermore, as the team dedicated to Parallel has already joined Murphy Labs they started to work on several products in early May.