MIP-15.1 | Launch paUSD on Polygon PoS, deployment plan

This proposal aims to determine the deployment plan for paUSD on Polygon PoS.

Yesterday, MIP-15 which is aiming to launch paUSD on Polygon PoS has been published on the governance forum. To enable vMIMO holders to take the best decision with a complete view, we propose a paUSD deployment plan on Polygon PoS.

Note: approval of this proposal is dependent on MIP-15. If the latter is rejected, MIP-15.1 will automatically be rejected, regardless of the result of the vote.

The deployment of smart contracts cannot be performed via the Parallel Protocol multisig. A wallet created especially for the occasion will be used to deploy the smart contracts, the ownership of these smart contracts will then be transferred to the Parallel Protocol multisig.

Below is the proposed detailed plan for the deployment of paUSD smart contracts on Polygon PoS:

Core :

  • AccessController : single deployment
  • AddressProvider : single deployment
  • ConfigProvider : single deployment
  • paUSD : single deployment
  • PriceFeed : single deployment
  • RatesManager : single deployment
  • LiquidationManager : single deployment
  • FeeDistributor : single deployment
  • VaultsDataProvider : single deployment
  • VaultsCore : single deployment
  • DebtNotifier : single deployment

Governance :

  • GovernanceAddressProvider : single deployment
  • DebtNotifier : single deployment

Liquidity Mining :

  • SupplyMiner : one deployment for each collateral

Setters on AddressProvider :

  • setAccessController : single setter
  • setConfigProvider : single setter
  • setVaultsCore : single setter
  • setStableX : single setter
  • setRatesManager : single setter
  • setPriceFeed : single setter
  • setLiquidationManager : single setter
  • setFeeDistributor : single setter
  • setVaultsDataProvider : single setter

Setters on GovernanceAddressProvider :

  • setParallelAddressProvider : single setter
  • setMIMO : single setter
  • setDebtNotifier : single setter

Setters on ConfigProvider :

  • setCollateralConfig : one setter per collateral

Setters on VaultsCore contract :

  • setDebtNotifier : single setter

Setters on PriceFeed contract :

  • setAssetOracle : one setter per collateral

Setters on FeeDistributor contract :

  • changePayees : single setters with VaultsCore getting 100% of the shares as initial setting

Setters on DebtNotifier contract :

  • setCollateralSupplyMiner : one setter per SupplyMiner

Role granting on AccessController contract :

  • MINTER_ROLE to VaultsCore contract
  • MINTER_ROLE to FeeDistributor contract
  • MANAGER_ROLE to DAO multisig

Transfer of roles to the DAO multisig :


Revoke deployer key roles :



  • Human resources: If the proposal is accepted, the Parallel Multisig signers will have to execute the proposal following the technical voted implementation.
  • Treasury resources: There is no treasury cost.

Technical implementation:

Described in the proposal.

Voting options:

  • Accept the deployment plan
  • Against the deployment plan / Rework the proposal
  • Abstain

Authors: @starny & @JeanBrasse from Mimo Labs

Community poll:

  • Accept the deployment plan
  • Against the deployment plan / Rework the proposal
  • Abstain
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