MIP-10┃DAO Multisig Election 2

The goal of this proposal is to re-elect 4 members that will manage with 4 team members the DAO multisig including treasury and the protocol ownership.

6 months ago Mimo Labs initiated the beginning of the decentralization of the Mimo Protocol with the creation of a DAO multisig which is owning the protocol (MIP-1). The first election was for a period of 6 months, it is now time to make new elections.

The DAO multisig controls several functions of the protocol including the treasury and the protocol ownership. The DAO multisig will require 5/8 signatures to execute a transaction.

6 months ago the DAO voted to have 4 Mimo Labs members in the multisig and 4 DAO members. With this system Mimo Labs cannot take control of the protocol. We propose to keep this repartition of signers.

Regarding the signers of Mimo Labs we propose to keep Klodio (CEO), Jean Brasse (DeFi Strategist) and Martjin (Lead Dev). We also propose to replace Bad (CTO) by Fred (COO).

Regarding the DAO members signers, after discussions with @george and observations of the number of signatures of the multisigs we propose the re-election of @george @arjpet and @Beudeuleu as DAO signers and and to not re-elect the last member of the dao multisig.

As we propose to elect 4 members, if you wish to participate please introduce your application in this forum post before 13/11/22, elections will start on the 14th. Members will be elected for a 6 months period.

Initially, as multisig members take risks and time to perform signatures and transactions, a compensation up to 5000 $MIMO per month per DAO signer has been voted by the DAO.

However, with the general drop of the market, the compensations no longer covered part of the costs and time taken by the DAO signers. We propose to update the compensation of DAO multisig signers (team will not be compensated) up to 10,000 $MIMO per month with a scale based on the % of signatures made per month: (data will be extracted from http://who-signed.xyz/ and reported in this google sheets)

  • 90 + signed: 10,000 $MIMO
  • 70 + signed: 7,000 $MIMO
  • 50 + signed: 5,000 $MIMO
  • 30 + signed: 3,000 $MIMO
  • 30 - signed: nothing

The total maximum cost will be 120,000 $MIMO/member/year (480,000 $MIMO/year). The compensation payment per member will continue to be published on the discord and on this google sheets every month to keep the maximal transparency on treasury spending.

Technical Implementation:
After the elections, the new members will be added to the existing gnosis safes which control the protocol and old members will be removed from multisigs.

Voting Options:
This will be a cumulative vote, where 4 members are selected by the highest vote count and if they pass the 5,000,000 $vMIMO quorum.

  • Beud
  • Arjpet
  • Georgeous
  • Candidate D
  • ….
  • Abstain

Authors: @starny & @JeanBrasse from Mimo Labs.


I’ll be a candidate :blush:


Good proposal in summary all DAO Multisig members which are proposed to be re-elected, signed & checked all transactions on time and are a great addition to the DAO.

Also to adjust the compensation is necessary step with the current market conditions.

Looking forward to sign a lot of transactions :fire:


Hey @NL.1 ,
would be nice to have a small presentation of yourself :grin:


Hello guys.
For me it would be an honor to be a part of the DAO for another 6 months !
For sure i will do my best to be reliable for this duty.
i’ll continue to take this very seriously.


Hello guys n girls,

lets do another try =)


Sure. Hi to all you readers out there. My name is Nicolaas and I am from the Netherlands (near Tilburg). I’ve been around since August 2017, at that time everything was different. In my personal life I will turn 40 in a couple of weeks. My god I’m old. Happily I don’t feel that way. I love running :running_man:, snowboarding :snowboarder:, my wife and two kids. I always believed that a financial service with the correct angle and a unique selling point could be something which humanity (yes it’s deep) could profit from.


Almost forgot. Regarding foods, I like olives, everything with garlic and peppers, fine wines and craft beers.


Hi everyone. I am a current member of the dao multisig team. I did 100% of all transactions so far and would love to do so for 6 more months!
Thnks for your trust!


Gm @NL.1

It’s not necessary to add more comments, you can click on the edit button :slight_smile:

Besides that, thank you for your implication


@george @Beudeuleu @arjpet

I’m really glad to see you still active and motivated, I appreciate


Hello to all,
I am applying again to join the multisig.
You can find my first unlucky application here :

The first three candidates will have no trouble getting re-elected, I think, so there is still the fourth position I already mentioned.
So you have to make your choice…


Hello Mimo Community,

my name is Matthias and I would like to apply for the DAO Multisig Election 2 (MIP-10). You may have noticed me in Mimo Trading (unofficial) on Telegram from time to time. I’m the guy who throw in a few memes every now and then.

Anyway, my crypto journey started in 2017. Since then crypto have not let me pass. Like probably most of you, I am also an early bird in the Mimo Community. I borrowed my first PAR in Q1 2021. Since then I’ve been following closely and learning with each new feature. I read the Telegram Channels/ Discord and all your valuable thoughts/ hints/ advices/ explanations every day. Thank you for that. It helps people to learn more about this awesome project and crypto in general. Since joining Mimo, I’ve been able to raise awareness in my personal enviroment. People have taken a look at Mimo and also created a vault (So far only a few have stayed on. I am sure that will change in future).

Earning my living a.o. as an auditor, you can be sure that I will perform the DAO multisig conscientiously.

I am 37 years old and from Germany. In my free time I like to look around the crypto world and do sports.

I would be pleased if you use your voting power to elect me to the DAO Multisig.

Thanks and stay Mimo. :call_me_hand:


:zap: MIP-10┃DAO Multisig Election 2 is now live on Snapshot

This proposal aims at re-electing 4 members that will manage with 4 team members the DAO multisig.

The vote started at 1pm CET and ends the 21st November at 1pm CET.

Vote here :


:white_check_mark: MIP-10 | DAO Multisig Election 2

We are pleased to announce that the next Community members of the Multisig will be :

@george with 11m vMIMO
@Squirrely with 10m vMIMO
@arjpet with 10m vMIMO
@Dossy with 9,8m vMIMO

Congratulations ! :confetti_ball:
sorry for the others, but stay tuned for the next election!

I also want to thank the whole community for your participation in this vote! :purple_heart:
Unfortunately, I don’t have any news about the POAP for this vote, I’ll try again next time (or we’ll have to wait for an easier way to distribute POAPs).

Result: Snapshot