Liquidity for paUSD

Liquidity on Ethereum for paUSD is very thin. It makes it very difficult for big wallets to swap a large amount of paUSD for USDC (price impact is >5% for swaps above 50 000$).

I would like to know what is the plan of the team to increase liquidity for paUSD on Ethereum.

Right now, the consequences of the thin liquidity are a lack of adoption of the paUSD lending platform (only 22 troves opened since inception).

Indeed, why open a trove against paUSD if you cannot use or sell the paUSD against other assets ?

More liquidity for paUSD would result in more troves opened, more swaps, hence more transaction fees for the protocol and the DAO.

In the meantime, the DAO has accumulated large amounts of Mimo that can be used to bribe vlAURA and attract liquidity from LP’s.

This is just a suggestion, but another possibility would be to create another pool against another stablecoin like FRAX (FraxBP).

Looking forward to have the team’s opinion on this.